Let’s go for a walk. For three hours I will be your personal guide and photographer.

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What's the plan?

We’ll go for a walk around Prague together. You, me and my camera. The stroll will take 3 hours so pack light. I’ll show you the city in a way only a local can. We’ll visit some of the most famous places and some hidden gems as well. And while we walk I’ll take beautiful photos of you. After that I’ll professionally edit the photos and deliver them to you. The whole thing will cost you only € 199. 

Better than selfie or lending your phone to a complete stranger, don't you think? Click here for more info.

On top of all that I also write a blog with useful tips for those visiting Prague. I call it Everything About Prague and as time goes by I will fill it with all sorts of information a tourist in Prague might need. Check it out.

Love for photography
Love for my customers
Love for selfies (non-existing)

Who am I?

Hi! I'm Peter, nice to meet you. I am a young photographer and I've been living in Prague for most of my life. My biggest passion is obviously photography. I also enjoy good movies and music. If you're interested in my work check out my Instagram and my Facebook page.
Am I available?

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