If you are a big fan of coffee and you don’t want to go to places like Starbucks, Costa etc. I have a few tips where to go if you want to enjoy your cup of coffee in lovely Prague. There are so many great cafés for coffee enthusiasts!

What cafés to avoid

bad cafés

In the city centre, you should avoid restaurants and cafés at the Oldtown square or the Wenceslas square or simply at any tourist places like these. Why? Because it’s only a tourist trap. It will cost you so much and you will probably get the worst coffee in the world.

But nearby these places I can recommend you some really good places for a good price that are equal the coffee quality.

What cafés NOT to avoid

1. Café Louvre

One of the best places for morning coffee and brunch. This Café has been standing there since 1902 and had a pleasure to serve people like Karel Čapek, Franz Kafka or even Albert Einstein. For sweet brunch, I would recommend you homemade pancakes with raspberry sauce and sour cream. If you are more to the savoury food they have lots of egg combinations.

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2. Kavárna Slavia

Another Café place with rich history. It’s standing right next to the National Theatre and has a beautiful view over the river to the Prague castle. In this Café was sitting, for example, Vaclav Havel (our ex-president, who set our country free from communist), Bohumil Hrabal our famous writer or Bedřich Smetana author of our anthem.

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3. EMA espresso bar

Little hipster place right next to the Masaryk Railway station and nearby Náměstí Republiky. If you are a coffee lover you will fit here perfectly. In their menu, you can find lots of different kind of coffees and they also make coffees with soy milk, so it’s the perfect choice for vegans or lactose intolerant people.

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4. Můj šálek kávy

Small but really nice coffee place in the most hipster area in Prague called Karlín. It’s 5 min walk from metro and tram station Křižíkova. They have really nice coffee and also tasty cakes.

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5. Vnitroblock

Awesome place for people who enjoy design things and good coffee. The Café is placed in an industrial building and also artists such as painters and etc. have their exhibitions here. So you can enjoy good food and coffee here with cultural enjoyment.

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6. Kavárna co hledá jméno

Have you ever heard that a Café can’t find its own name? So yeah that’s another hipster Café that we have in Prague. For breakfast or brunch, I would really recommend you Benedict soufflé eggs. It’s so yummy! Also, it’s placed in an industrial building so it has a great atmosphere.

Click here to enter their website. (just in the Czech language)

7. Café Neustadt

Another coffee place full of young people but also full of good coffee and really tasty cakes. I would recommend you a chocolate cake or carrot cake. They also do daily lunch menus, most of the time it’s a soup and one main dish.

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8. mamacoffee

One of the best ice latté with soy milk I have ever had! I really like this place because they make coffee from fairtrade coffee beans. Also, they have good cakes!

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