When traveling, restaurants are the main source of food for most people. But sometimes it’s nice to save some money or just taste something different. In this case, grocery stores are the best and cheapest places to go to. So what grocery stores are the best and where to find them? In this article, I will show you.

Please keep in mind, that this topic is really about personal preferences and our taste may differ.

Grocery stores to avoid

There are many grocery¬†stores which you should avoid. They are expensive, have really small selection etc. How to spot them? It’s easy, they are not listed below ūüôā


This is the most common supermarket in the center of Prague (meaning Venceslav square, Old Town square etc.). It’s one of the cheapest places to shop. They often have¬†counter with fresh meat, cheese and bakery as well. That’s not common for grocery stores in the center. Usually, the place doesn’t look great or exceptionally clean, but it’s nothing horrible. So, decent shop and good prices, definitely better than some tourist trap.

You can find those stores on this map.


Pretty much the same as Albert. A little bit more expensive but also nicer places. More tidy etc. It’s also common that they have fresh meat, cheese, and bakery. They also sell bowls with fruits and you can make fresh orange juice there, which is nice, especially in summer time. They have one store in the main train station. I buy food for my trip every time there.¬†It’s the cheapest way of getting some foot in there.

You can find those stores on this map.


This translates as “little frog”, just a fun fact. Those are usually pretty small and little bit expensive. BUT they are open from 6 pm to 11 am. That’s the biggest plus of those stores. So I would avoid them during the¬†day but if you are morning bird or a¬†night owl, those are perfect for you. They often sell fresh pastry (if you come here 10 minutes before closing time, it might not be that fresh).

You can find those stores on this map.

Lidl, Tesco

If you want to make some big purchase, Lidl and Tesco are perfect for this. They are often really big (although Tesco also has Tesco Express, smaller grocery shop) which means you can find almost everything there. The difference between them is that Lidl just sells their brands (with some excuses) and Tesco sells all the other brands. So if you want some specific product from a specific company, go to Tesco. But Lidl is a little bit cheaper so if you want to save some crown (our currency), go there. Because of the size of these hypermarkets, you will need to go a little further from the center. So I would recommend you to shop there only if you are staying in Prague for more than just a couple of days.

You can find Lidl stores on this map and Tesco stores on this map.


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