Today everyone is carrying a mobile phone in his pocket. Why not take advantage of that when travelling? In this article, I will show you some of my favourite apps for travelling. Some of them are useful when travelling anywhere some of them are just for Prague.


Of course, everyone knows it. But for really good reason. Tripadvisor really is a powerful tool when looking for a place to eat or stay. Anyway, there is one thing to be aware of. Almost no one uses this app in his own country. So most reviews are written by tourists who are more likely to fall in some tourist traps. Try to look for reviews which are written in the Czech language. You might not understand them but you can just follow the star rating.

You can download it for Android here and iOS here.

Google Maps

Another well-known app. I already wrote about it in my article about public transport. And that’s what they are good for. I use them almost everytime I need to take public transport to some location I don’t know.

You can download it for Android here and iOS here.


If you want to take your car to the Prague it’s going to be hard for you but this is a topic for another article. Anyway, you can solve some problems by using the right navigation app. For me this is Waze. In our country, Waze has huge user community so traffic reports are working very well. When there is some traffic jam in the city Waze knows it.

You can download it for Android here and iOS here.


I’ve mentioned this app in my article about how to get or from the Prague airport. This app lets you order a taxi in more convenient (and often cheaper) way. You can pick your driver to suit your needs. You can see how much the trip will cost, how long will it take, what car your driver have and what is his rating. If you add your credit card to the app you can even pay with it. All drivers in this app are licensed so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off. I personally use this app everytime I need a cab.

You can download it for Android here and iOS here.


Do you want to go out to have some fun? Then this is the right app for you! Almost every interesting event is listed in this app so you can pick the one that suits you. You can even buy tickets for those events through the app.

You can download it for Android here and iOS here.


This app lets you use the best bike rental service in Prague. Almost at every corner in Prague, you can see a pink bike. And with this app, you can borrow every one of them! You just select the bike on map and tap “borrow bike” button. Then you can ride 15 minutes for free and after this, you will pay a little bit above € 1 for every other hour. Cheaper and healthier than a taxi!

You can download it for Android here and iOS here.

Pivní Deníček

Pivní deníček means beer diary and this is what it is. The app shows you nearest pubs, their rating, what beer they sell when they close etc. You can see the most popular beer in every pub, track how much did you spend and see your beer statistics.

You can download it for Android here and iOS here.

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