If you are tired after long day of sightseeing or if you want to go somewhere a little bit further from your hotel, you might want to use the public transport. And in this article, I will show you how! Don’t worry, it’s simple.

I wrote an entire article about getting to or from Prague airport. So if this is why you are reading this, check the article here.

How to buy tickets for public transport

Before using any kind of public transport, you need to buy a ticket. You can do so in yellow machines, some of them even accept credit cards and you can find them at every metro station. You can also buy tickets in some newspaper stands like Relay.

Tickets are sold in 4 time options:

-30 minutes (24 crowns/€ 0.9)

-90 minutes (32 crowns/€ 1.2)

-24 hours (110 crowns/€ 3.8)

– 72 hours (310 crowns/€ 11.8)

Those are prices are for adults (full price) if you are kid or senior, the price is reduced.

You should consider how much you will be using public transport and maybe buy 24 or 72 hours ticket. It can save you some money. Remember that the time of your ticket starts running in the moment you validate it (I will talk about this later in this article). So you can buy several tickets at ones and you don’t have to look for ticket machine every time.

How to validate tickets

Every time you use any kind of public transport, you need to validate the ticket first. You can do so using small yellow boxes (in the picture below) in trams, buses or at the entrance to the metro. Remember to do this because there is 1500 crowns (€ 57) fine if they catch you without a ticket or with an unvalidated ticket. Most of the people around you will not validate their tickets because locals use public transport cards. They are called Lítačka and you can buy them for a period of 1 month, 3 months, 5 months and one year. So if you are staying in Prague for a little bit longer, this might be an option for you.


For me, metro is the best option when travelling around Prague. It’s fast, reliable and during summer it’s cold down there. There are three metro lines in Prague. A (green), B (yellow) and C (red). You can transfer lines without the need to buy another ticket and you can do so at three stations in the centre. Those are Můstek (lines A and B) in the lower part of Venceslav square, Museum (lines A and C) in the upper part of Venceslav square and Florenc (lines B and C) near the biggest bus station.

As you can see from the map below, it’s pretty simple. The only thing you have to worry about is taking the right direction. Remember that last metro train departs from the end station on midnight. After midnight, you need to use tram or bus. The first metro train departs from end station around 4:45 am.

Trams and buses

Trams and buses work basically the same. Buses usually go a little bit further for the centre. If you can,  choose tram, it’s more comfortable and some of them have wifi.

When you are at the stop, search for time table. There are many papers with numbers of trams and buses. When the number is black on a white field, that’s normal tram/bus. If the number is white on a black field that’s night tram/bus. If you found the paper with your number you can check if you are in the right direction. The stop you want to go to must be under underlined stop (which is the one you are standing at). In the right portion of this paper, you can find when your tram/bus arrives.

Sometimes there can be some problem on the road and the trams/buses can go somewhere else than usual. In this case don’t be afraid to ask some local for help. Most of us in the age of 15-40 can speak English pretty well.

Google Maps

Every Android phone has them and probably every iPhone too (because Apple is not really good in making maps). It works just fine almost every time and I personally use them on daily basis. Just enter where you want to go, select public transport option and you are good to go.

Pro tip: you can select what kind of public transport you prefer. This way you can take a nice comfy metro train instead of the bus.

You can download them for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Be careful

Pickpocketing is a popular hobby in Prague and public transport is a great place to practise. So please always be careful about your wallet and mobile phone. When entering bus/tram/metro always get your backpack from your shoulders and keep it in front of you. There are signs in the metro that tells you to be aware of pickpocketing. Make sure you don’t touch your wallet or phone after reading them. Thieves are waiting for this so they will know in which pocket you have something valuable. Also if you find out that you have been robbed, call the police (phone number is 158), they will try to help you.

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